Harnessing Open-Source Elements for Real-World Applications

IndieCompLabs is a new, unique, and enthusiastic venture comprised of computational laboratories dedicated to open-source educational projects and real life applications.

The goal is to empower those who can benefit from our practical, user-oriented technology. Our laboratories target both academic and real-world environments, serving as a foundation for the everyday implementation of open-source technology.
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This page serves as a gateway to participating laboratories and their projects. Use the left sidebar to navigate to projects of interest and their associated gitlabs, wikis, and forums.

Our Laboratories

(Note that each lab has more information and its own wiki.) focuses on computational agricultural applications, currently offering two applications based on data generated from the Weather, Forecast and Research (WRF) and Global Forecast System models: a Grow Degree Calculator (GDC) and a Soil Moisture Estimator (SME), both in the beta stage of development. Our computers calculate daily WRF climate variables used in these applications, at a 3km resolution over approximately half of the western United States.'s mission is to provide hands-on applications which capture and use remote sensing data, particularly from earth observation satellites. Our goal is to provide a suite of satellite applications which can be instructional and practical, from motion control to visualization.

We initiate the website with our Satellite Track and Read (STaR) application which can track satellites, with available Two Line Elements (TLEs). STaR currently reads NOAA-18, 19 and METOP-B satellites using GNUradio and open-sourced Software Defined Receivers (SDRs). is currently under construction. starts by providing basic inspection tools applicable to the semi-conductor and biological sectors. is currently under construction.